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  • Bathing Rituals
Bathing Rituals

Moroccan Bath

It’s an intense cleansing and exfoliating treatment that leaves the skin soft, refresh and renewed.
Our very own special and unique style with special hair mask treatment.
Detoxification through perspiration; the steam soothes sinus irritation; Chest congestion from asthma is also relieved. Steam bath truly are relaxing and beneficial to both body and mind Steam bathing safety tips Drink plenty of water before and after steam bathing to replace water loss from perspiration. Limit steam bathing sessions to a maximum of 20 minutes. Listen to your body. If you become dizzy or lightheaded.


Milk acts as a delicate exfoliator, being rich in lactic acid which dissolves dead skin cells.
Best suitable during hot summer days, after exposing your skin under the sun for a long time your skin feels tired. Mint has the refreshing, cooling and astringent effect on skin while lemon is an excellent cleanser and a great for rejuvenation.
Experience daily luxury with our Nature’s Extracts collection. This cream bath enriched with extract of strawberry and with added moisturizer will gently cleanse your skin as you bathe to help leave it soft, smooth and delicately scented.
Bathing Rituals

Moroccan Hammam (75 mins.)

300 QR

Steam Bath (20 mins.)

150 QR

Cleopatra Milk Bath (45 mins.)

450 QR

Mint and Lemon Bath (45 mins.)

250 QR

Strawberry Foam Bath (45 mins.)

250 QR